The snow might be falling, and the sleigh bells ringing, but you can still hike through the wilderness this winter and enjoy some backcountry camping in Montana’s pristine Glacier National Park. If you’ve visited the park before, especially in the spring or summer, get ready for a completely different kind of adventure.

Of course, aside from the truly stunning mountain and woodland views, winter also adds a few more challenges into the mix. If you come prepared with the correct cold weather gear (snow shoes, cross country skis, warm clothing, etc), and hike with at least one buddy, you ought to be all right.

It goes without saying that you should tell as many people as possible where you’re going, and how long you’ll be gone, just in case you do encounter some trouble on the trail.

Glacier is a national treasure. It doesn’t matter if you visit the park in the winter or in the summer. The beauty on display is something every outdoors enthusiast should witness first hand. Luckily, the National Park Service provides some useful information about how to safely enjoy the park in the winter.

The best part about winter camping, though, is that you never have to worry about tourist crowds.