The first presidential debate is taking place tonight. So its time to crack open a beer and get ready to get inebriated. The COVID 19 quarantine and lockdown has been good for the booze business. During the lockdown, alcohol sales went up 20%. The number continues to hold steady as we head into a presidential election. Because, lets face it, things are getting so crazy it would drive anyone to drink.

Tonight at 7pm (mtn) the first debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump will take place. The people at were nice enough to put together a couple rules to create a debate drinking game.

Take One Drink Anytime Trump Says…
“Yuge” or “tremendous”
“China Flu” or “Kung Flu”
“Fake News”
“Excuse Me”
Anything creepy about women

Take One Drink Anytime Biden Says…
Something incoherent
Anything creepy about women
“Jill and I”

If those simple rules dont have you slightly worried about your liver. went even further by adding some bigger challenges.

  • If Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is mentioned, hand out 8 drinks for the number of seats currently filled.
  • If Trump acknowledges that he’ll refuse to vacate the presidency should he lose, then tear up your copy of the American Constitution and finish everything in your liquor cabinet.
  • If Trump references Big Ten football, shotgun your beer.
  • If RBG is mentioned, do three push-ups in her honor then take three drinks.

Get even more rules and challenges from , and know your limits. This debate could easily result in you blacking out.


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