There is so much TV out there to watch these days, and nobody has the time to watch all of it, not even TV critics. I'm somebody who watches the Emmys every year, and ten years ago, I used to be able to keep up with almost every show that got nominated. This year's nominees were just unveiled, and I think I've seen, like, three or four of them?

So people watch a lot of shows, and people have a lot of opinions about those shows, especially the ones that are really, really popular. A new survey asked people from every state what they though the most overrated TV show is, and the answers were a little surprising. The show that was picked the most overrated by the most states (eight of them) was Parks and Recreation, a show I loved and used to watch back when it was on the air, but since ending has gained a much wider audience through Netflix.

That was a pretty surprising answer, but it's not what Montana chose - we went with something currently on the air, which just wrapped up its fourth season: Rick and Morty. Here's the thing - I'm a Rick and Morty fan, but I get it. This is a show that older audiences aren't gonna like as much and traffics in vulgar humor and crazy sci-fi plots that sometimes make no sense. Of course people outside of the fanbase are going to think the show is at least a little overrated.

There were some other interesting stats, too - women are more likely to find Game of Thrones overrated, while men would say the same thing about Friends. Do you think Rick and Morty deserves the title for Montana, or should we have picked something else?

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