It is the unofficial weed holiday of 4/20. And, now that recreational marijuana use is legal in Montana, I sure hope stores are well stocked on munchies. Everything from Funyuns to pizza.....and water (a whole lotta water.)

Partaking in the whacky tobacky isn't the only thing that brings on a mad case of the munchies. As a majority of anyone who has had a solid night sipping back on booze drinks, the munchies are a real issue. Now, it seems everyone has their cravings when it comes to the drunk munchies. For me, I tend to lean towards the "4th meal" and enjoy tearing into a bag of tacos and burritos. Using one hot sauce packet for nearly every bite, and leaving a trail of empty packets and lettuce all the way to where I lay my head for the night.

But, what is Montana's most popular fast food option when it comes to late night munchies?

The folks at Zippia are at it again with analyzing Google data and trends. This time they aimed to figure out what was the most popular fast food spot in each state.

According to Zippia, here is how they did it.

When we set out to find each state’s favorite drunk fast food, we had to first determine two things:

1. The fast food everyone craves when drunk
2. Which fast food joints see the biggest influx of tipsy customers

According to the data, Zippia discovered that Montana is one of only 4 states that prefers Wendy's above all other options for the munchies. McDonalds claimed the top spot in 22 states. Burger King got 14 states. And, Taco Bell only got Wyoming.

I can say that their findings are not far off. Coming from someone who loves drunkenly stuffing tacos in his face. If you have never dipped fresh Wendy's fries in a cold chocolate Frosty, than you have never had a serious case of the munchies.

Now, I'm craving it.....Happy 4/20.

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