I love perusing Craiglist. I just never know what I’m going to find. It’s amazing what people buy, sell and just plain give away on line. My particular favorite place to go on Craigslist is to the wanted section. It intrigues me to see what people want and possibly what I have that I can get rid of.

In my most recent search on craigslist, I found a few interesting things that people in Missoula are in desperate need of. Here are my favorites.

It appears that a few us might be a bit behind the times. This Missoula resident is looking for a Walkman/tape player so they can listen to music in their car. I’m thinking this post might be about 20 years too late. http://missoula.craigslist.org/wan/4478140161.html

Who says that Montanan’s don’t have exciting hobbies like hunting, fishing, skydiving, rock climbing, rafting… and stamp collecting? I guess there are some of us that don’t enjoy the great outdoors as much as others. http://missoula.craigslist.org/wan/4477968918.html

I guess there are some of us out there that don’t enjoy breaking in our own bedding. It seems that others do a better job at it. There is nothing like climbing into bed and rolling around in someone else’s sheets. http://missoula.craigslist.org/wan/4478304646.html

Broken down cars seem to be all the rage in the areas surrounding Missoula. Me, personally, I’ve always been more interested in buying and owning vehicles that run, however there seem to be quite a few people who are looking for cars that don’t work, given the high number of posts begging people for their old clunkers in exchange for cash. http://missoula.craigslist.org/wan/4460223070.html

Okay, so this may just be a creative person innocently looking for a cleaned out steel drum with a lid, but I may have watched a few too many Dateline’s and 48 Hours in my life to not be the least bit suspicious that this person may just have something they don’t want to ever be found. http://missoula.craigslist.org/wan/4478716835.html

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.