Winter’s last hurrah.

That was the determination of meteorologist Ryan Leach at the National Weather Service just before 3:00 a.m. after being asked about the light wet snow in the Missoula valley.

“Looks like we had a bit of cold air locked up in Alaska and northern Canada and it was finally able to make it’s way down south,” said Leach. “It’s just moving through and I think it will be the last hurrah for the season here in Missoula and most of the lower valleys here in western Montana, because I don’t really see that we can build up enough cold air up north to do this again, at least not until the fall rolls around.”

Leach said the snow will be melting fast as the morning goes on, and any difficult driving conditions will be in areas like Rogers pass. He said temperatures will remain cool this morning.

“Here in Missoula, we’re looking for a high of about 48 degrees,” he said. “It’s going to be quite a cool-off from yesterday. It was a pretty nice day yesterday. It’ll get to 48 degrees today and we should start warming up pretty quick. It should be back up to the lower 60’s by Wednesday. For Missoula, yeah, it’s the last hurrah.”

Temperatures will be in the mid 50’s Tuesday and into the 60’s again by Wednesday.


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