A few days ago, we put it on your radar - the countdown is on for Missoula Gives 2021, the annual day of celebrating local nonprofit businesses and organizations and helping them raise a ton of money. This year, Missoula Gives is scheduled to take place over 26 hours from May 6th to May 7th.

And here's something pretty cool they're doing to promote Missoula Gives this year: a 30-second ad challenge, where many of the nonprofits participating are making their own quick commercial to raise awareness for themselves. And you can actually vote for your favorites!

There are a few key rules you need to follow, though:

  • You can only vote once for your favorite nonprofit organization per category.
  • If you vote for the same nonprofit twice, the second vote will cancel out your first vote!
  • You can vote every day between April 12-23. Each vote would have to be for a different nonprofit.

The winning 30-second videos will actually air on KPAX in the days leading up to Missoula Gives, from May 1st to May 6th. This seems like a really fun way to help get the word out on some of these organizations, give them some free air time on local TV, and get more people talking about them ahead of Missoula Gives.

If you'd like to cast your votes, you can do that right here. And if you want to learn more about Missoula Gives and figure out which organizations are participating, you can check them out at their website.

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