There isn't really a card for occasions like this - but yesterday (1/21) marked one year since COVID-19 was confirmed in the United States. I guess if there was a card to honor the would be one of those prank cards you open and a bunch of glitter explodes......and then it starts playing some irritating noise that won't stop until you're able to find a way to take the batteries out of the tiny noisemaker.

Looking back just one short year ago, we didn't really know it, but all of our lives were about to change in ways we never could have imagined. But we finally have a vaccine in place, we're starting to see positive test numbers decline, and just yesterday some of the restrictions on area restaurants, bars, and businesses were lightened. I think we're all ready to start making that push into getting life back normal - as much as we can.

Maybe you've already started getting back to participating in events - or maybe you're finally ready to get out of the house and attend a function for the first time in a long time. Either way, this looks like a pretty fun day in Hamilton this weekend.

"Looking for something to do Saturday? Come down to Ravalli County Fairgrounds. Open from Noon-6pm, we're hosting a Valentines Sip & Shop!! Perfect outing for everyone!! We have an amazing lineup of craft vendors, artisans, and vendors to shop from. Free admission. Swag bags for sale.....each bag contains coupons and samples from our vendors and a free drink ticket. Come down to the fairgrounds, support local artisans & small businesses, and enjoy a relaxed shopping experience. Full bar, distillery samples, coffee vendor, & food vendors. See you on Saturday."

Valentines Sip & Shop
Jan. 23  |  Noon-6pm
Ravalli County Fairgrounds
100 Old Corvallis Rd. in Hamilton

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