The fires continue to rage across the outback of Australia. Fire fighters from all over the western U.S. have been sent to help aid in fighting the historic fires. It is estimated that over 1 billion animals have perished in the fires. Meanwhile, in Utah, a burger restaurant is catching flak for serving up kangaroo burgers as their "exotic burger of the month."

According to Fox 19

Several customers at the Burger Bar in Roy, Utah, say selling kangaroo burgers as the exotic meat special in January seems like an ill-timed decision.

“It’s probably not the best time to have it on the menu,” customer Rob Wilson said. “You see on the news images of kangaroos fleeing the fires through all the smoke and the haze.”

But, the manager Joe Fowler, wants to make it clear that the order was placed well before the fires began in the island country.

“It was on a ship coming this way long before the fires started,” Fowler said.

Now, I have never tasted kangaroo meat before. But, I have had friends visit Australia before, and they say it is a commonly sold meat. You cna even find it in local grocery stores. When asked what kangaroo tastes like, the closest they can compare it to is "like eating a venison burger."


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