The Made Fair was held Sunday at the Holiday Inn Parkside in Missoula.  The place was packed with people checking out a really interesting cross section of western Montana's most creative entrepreneurs.   Talented, hard working people with great ideas and a tremendous work ethic.  And since my stepdaughter Andy and her friend and business partner Joanna were showing off their wares my wife and I stopped by.

We picked up a couple of gift items at Upcycled.  You might have seen the story in the Missoulian about them a while back.  Donovan Peterson creates everything from wallets to belts to handbags from recycled materials like bicycle tire inner tubes. 

Andy, my stepdaughter, and Joanna design and hand craft women's undergarments.  Their business is called "I See London, I See France".  They recently had a show during First Friday at Selvidge Studio

Sunday's event was a great reminder of just how creative Montanans can be.  And, even in tough times, how resiliance and hard work can pay off.