Tis that time of year. It is time for one of the oldest rivalries in college football. It is time for the BRAWL OF THE WILD. As the Griz are set to travel to Bozeman for Saturday's game, the amount of trash talk is heating up online.

A few years back I remember seeing a Meme list of TOP COURSES for a student at MSU.

Here are the Top 10:

  1. Philosophy: Why isn't it spelled with an F?
  2. Pre-Law: Age of Consent in ALL 50 States
  3. Sandwich Artistry
  4. Hand Shadow Craftsmanship
  5. Subtraction: Addition's Tricky Friend
  6. Animal Husbandry: Marriage Laws in Montana
  7. Hydraulic Principles of the KEG
  8. The College Classroom Simulation
  9. ABC's the Extended Version
  10. Your Ass from a hole in the ground: A comparative summary


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