I was sort of absent-mindedly scrolling through Facebook events today, which used to be an activity that took a lot longer. There's not as many events that pop up during a pandemic, y'know? Anyway, as I was scrolling through, I saw something that made my heart skip a beat.

It was a big banner which read "ROXY MOVIE NIGHTS" with a picture of The Roxy Theater behind it. As a huge movie fan, I spent so much of my time at the Roxy before they shut down back in March, and it's been a rough 10 months without being able to go back. So I thought, could this be it? Will I be able to finally head back to the Roxy again?

Turns out, no - but other people will be! The University of Montana is working with The Roxy Theater to host monthly movie nights that will be exclusively for UM students. I'm a little bummed that The Roxy isn't officially reopening yet, but I'm glad that they continue to find new ways to get use out of the theater while they're shut down.

The first movie nights will be January 27th and 28th, where they'll be showing Mean Girls. The event page also mentions movies like Back To The Future and The Goonies for future movie nights. If you're a UM student, you can register to take part right here.

And if you're not a UM student, you can always get a private rental at the Roxy to watch a movie or play some video games on the big screen. Check out how to do that over at their website.

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