As someone who likes to spend almost all of my free time going to the theater to watch movies, these last few weeks have been... rough. I haven't been to a movie theater since March 13th, when I saw Portrait of a Lady on Fire at The Roxy, two days before it decided to close down.

Yes, we've got movies at the home, but there's nothing like going out and experiencing one with a crowd, and it's looking like we won't get back to the normal way of doing things for a little while. But luckily, The Roxy, which has already been innovating with online viewing parties and virtual film festivals, has figured out a way to do something really cool over the summer.

The Roxy has announced that they're working on an outdoor screening space for the summer in the alley behind the theater. This will be behind the new Roxy Annex, which is the expansion the theater was already working on that had been announced a few months ago.

The Roxy is, of course, a nonprofit, and it needs your help to make all this happen. You can support them over at their website, and the link to their Missoula Gives page is included below in their Facebook post.

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