Nike has announced that they will be selling a Freddy Krueger themed sneaker for the upcoming Halloween holiday. The Nightmare on Elm Street Air Max 95s have a design based on Freddy's sweater, although designers left out the green and went with the red of the sweater, matched with silver to represent the razor glove.

Inside the shoe is the classic Nike swoosh, covered in blood for Halloween, there also appears to be some blood splatter around the outside heel of the shoe. The first thought I had when seeing the shoes was that they are bloody 'Go Griz' sneakers. Griz colors, with some blood splatter. Honestly, they're hideous, although, take out the blood and I could see former Lady Griz commentator Tom Stage, or current voice of Griz Football, Peter Christian rockin' these bad boys.

According to HypeBeast, Nike will release the Krueger kicks near the week of Halloween and I have no doubt they will sell out quickly. You can see them here.

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