Lolo Creek Complex

Lolo School Children Visit With Lolo Creek Complex Firefighters
The basketball court and baseball fields at the Lolo schools were filled with firefighters and firefighting tools , August 29. Lolo Middle School Principal Shawna Kientz said it was meaningful to see the children visiting with the firefighters that had helped save their school from the Lolo Creek Co…
Lolo Creek Complex
UPDATE - Thursday, August 29, 7 a.m.
Peter Christian spoke with Fire Information Officer Dave Schmitt on the Montana Morning radio show. Schmitt said the fire is now 70 percent contained.
Lolo Creek Complex Fires
Currently, there are more than 1,200 homes being threatened by the Lolo Creek Complex fires. All day today, Wednesday, August 21, sheriff’s deputies were handing out protection warning notices to those living north of Highway 12 and west of Highway 93.

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