Dierks Ran Out of Gas!
I have always had a fear of running out of gas, not sure why, but I always make sure I have plenty of gas. Dierks Bentley on the other hand, doesn't care. He tweeted out over the weekend, "have I ever told you guys how cool it is to have an old jeep with no working fuel gauge...
UGH! Other Drivers Are the Worst!
We are quickly approaching one of the busiest weekends of the year travel-wise with Memorial Day just a few days away. In fact, AAA says 33 million people will be traveling during Memorial Day weekend.
Favorite Activities to Kick Off Summertime
I know it is often debated in Montana, which is better, Summer or Winter. There is no question for me. There is nothing better than the sun shining as you drive around with the window rolled down and the radio up! Ok, maybe if I had a huge Huckleberry Icee in the cup holder...

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