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Putting Yourself at Risk for Your Cell Phone?
According to a new survey by phone security company Lookout, the majority of Americans would put themselves at risk to get their lost or stolen phones back.
Sixty-eight percent of those surveyed cared more about their device and the data on it than the danger they were putting themselves in to retrie…
Congress Takes On Cell Phones
Members of Congress, some of the nation's most frequent flyers, don't want to allow airline passengers to make cellphone calls in-flight and they're doing something about it.
Delta Airlines Says No to In-flight Calls
Delta Air Lines says it won't allow passengers to make voice calls from its planes. Delta says a majority of customers in a survey last year said the ability to make voice calls would make their experience worse, not better. Delta employees, particularly in-flight crews, are against allowing ca…
Phones and Driving Don't Mix
What’s it been now five months since the cell phone ban while driving went into effect here in Missoula? I know they gave us a month to get used to it before police started enforcing the law. Initially I noted a drop in cell phone use...
Digital Device Maintenance Today
A national consortium of digital communications companies are reminding users of digital devices…phones, personal computers, i-pads etc that today is National Digital Maintenance Day, commonly known as NDMD.
Daredevil Answers Cellphone While Walking Tightrope
Generally, we let our cellphone go to voicemail when we're busy. Not so French daredevil Trancede Melet, who actually took a call while walking a 20 meter gap suspended 1,000 feet in the air. At least he wasn't texting. That would've been crazy dangerous.

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