Quick and Easy Cake With Fruit Recipe
I love baking, but don’t always have time to make things from scratch. My kids have dessert or a baked good of some sort almost every day. But with my kids getting older and playing sports and all the other after school activities that they are involved in, I don’t have as much time to bake as I wou…
Happy Birthday For One
Just one birthday that we know of today, Sydney Wilson.
Tomorrow there are several; Patty DeYoung, Jenn Edgell, and Jack Moffetts' wife (he forgot to list her name). Enjoy your day all of you.
Their One Big Day A Year
These is the birthday bunch for today. If you see someone you know wish them a Happy Birthday. Bonnie Halder, Debora Gordon, Tanner Hampa and Cole Daniels, Pharmacy Tech at Shopko and getting ready to graduate from U-M with a degree in …...