The state of Montana has put a new weed at atop its noxious weed priority list. Weed Program Manager Dave Burch has details.

"We did add common reed, which is also called phragmites," Burch said. "We added that to our Priority 1A List. There's a lot of native common reed in the state but there are a lot of invasives coming in as well. We found one patch of invasives up in the Hill County area."

Non-native common reed can grow up to 16 feet tall and spreads along riparian areas. This blocks sunlight from other native plants. Authorities have put it at the highest level of risk. That class has only two other noxious weeds.

"We have them listed as yellow star-thistle which, knock on wood, we don't have any in the state or we haven't had any sightings for the last three years," Burch said. "Dyers woad, which is a real bad plant especially in Utah and Idaho now. And then common reed. States like Nebraska and Wyoming have huge problems with it. It just completely crowds out everything."

The state of Montana also added some aquarium plants to its Priority 3 List. Those plants will be regulated and prevented from sale. Burch said the aquarium plants pose a risk if they are dumped in Montana waterways.

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