Is winter over, at least in western Montana? Should we get cocky or remain skeptical?

Maybe what Montana winter needs is a stern threat from local law enforcement! Its crimes will no longer be tolerated. They're going to give that a try in Depew, New York, so maybe we better keep tabs on the progress.

AP tells us that the Depew Police Department, tired of a cold, snowy season that just won't go away, has placed winter under arrest. In an amusing Facebook post, the department informed the citizens of upstate New York that it has arrested winter, and that any more snow it produces will be held against it in a court of law.

But they didn't stop there. Even though he's out of their jurisdiction, Depew Police also called for the leader of the groundhog "underground," Punxsutawney Phil, to turn himself in at once, charged with being responsible for six more weeks of winter.

It will be fascinating to see what legal precedents are set!


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