Do you have a sophisticated pallet? Do you enjoy the smell of burnt peat and whiskey? Are you good at dancing in a kilt? Then plan on celebrating some of the finest scotches in the world. It is time for Ardbeg Day.

What the hell is Ardbeg Day? Ardbeg is the ultimate single malt scotch whiskey from Islay Island in Scotland, made the traditional way with liquid smoke over a campfire.

Ardbeg Day: Saturday June 1st from 3:00-6:00pm. $35 includes Giveaway prizes, Drum, Drum Committee Cask Stregth, Corryvrecken, Ardbog, Kelpie Committee Bottling, Griives Committee Bottling, Auri Verdes, & 21 year.

NOT A FAN OF SCOTCH? You have to try the NEW Ardbeg Drum, available at the tasting.

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