Let's face it, we already know that fireworks can be dangerous. But that hint of danger is what makes lighting them off, so darn fun. Actually, the more risk involved in lighting off fireworks, the better. But, it really does hurt a lot of people each year.

CPSC staff received reports of 12 non-occupational, fireworks-related deaths during 2019. Seven of the deaths were associated with misuse of fireworks, 2 deaths were associated with fireworks device malfunction (late ignition), and 3 incidents were associated with unknown circumstances. Reporting of fireworks-related deaths for 2019 is not complete, and the number of deaths in 2019 should be considered a minimum. • Fireworks were involved with an estimated 10,000 injuries treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments during calendar year 2019 (95 percent confidence interval 7,100 – 12,900). The estimated rate of fireworks-related, emergency department-treated injuries in the United States is 3.1 per 100,000 individuals.

Not like we REALLY need someone to demonstrate the dangers of fireworks, but if you were given the task of blowing stuff up, why not let dummies do it. Check out the consequences of what would happen if you were a complete idiot with fireworks. Apparently our government thinks we are all "not the sharpest knives in the drawer."

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