The Montana Department of Justice is teaming up with a for-profit company to help speed up things at the Montana Vehicle Department. Starting Tuesday, October 17, the company MVD Express will begin processing vehicle title transfers for dealers that choose to use the service.

"What we do is we create shorter wait times by taking care of overflow from state offices and we're looking to do that in Montana as well with dealers," said MVD Express Marketing Manager Michelle Laskowski. Our goal is to handle some of the load so that things can be processed faster and we can provide better service while taking some of the stress off of the state.

Laskowski says MVD express would like to expand the service for all Montanans, not just dealers, but is waiting for approval from the state.

"In New Mexico we do have a retail, brick-and-mortar type setting where the general public can come and renew their driver's license, title and registration We also work with the commercial dealer community in New Mexico as well. We try to have wait times of less than 30 minutes, hopefully, you walk in and don't have to wait at all."

There is currently only one MVD Express office in Montana and it is in Billings. Laskowski says dealers across the state can still use the service and couriers can be arranged to transfer paperwork.

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