It has been all over the news lately. Montana is the first state to lead the charge in the growing employment debacle. As pandemic unemployment benefits continue, less people are actively looking for work. In fact, with the extra money included in the pandemic unemployment benefits, people are making more money not working. This has created a near catastrophe for the already struggling service industry, as well as retail and just about every other entry level job. Help Wanted signs are EVERYWHERE. But, nobody wants to work.

The lack of employees has caused many local stores, bars and restaurants to limit the hours that they are open. Simply because they do not have enough employees to fill those shifts. I recently was sad to see that one of my favorite spots for grub had decided to close its doors on Mondays.  As a temporary solution to the lack of staffing.

According to the sign on the front door.


Governor Gianforte has made national news this past week, after he announced that Montana will be the first state to end the pandemic related unemployment benefits program. Instead of Montanans sitting at home and collecting federal assistance. Gianforte is switching to the pre-pandemic unemployment program. One where people will be expected to actively look for employment in order to receive benefits. Plus, if they do land a job, Montana will incentivize them even more by offering up $1200. But, only if they hold the job for one Month. The end of the pandemic related unemployment benefits program is scheduled to take place June 27th.

Read more on Gianforte's plan to get Montanans back to work.

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