We have a ton of celebrities who recreate here in Montana. This is one of the biggest names in the NFL right now and he was here fishing yesterday. 

Pete Carroll has actually been here for a while or coming back and forth. The ladies at Ekstroms in Rock Creek said he has been in a bit in the last few weeks and they actually see him a lot.

He went into my friends fly shop to get his fishing licence renewed and was looking for some flies to fish Rock Creek with. I guess he loves Montana living and was nice but a little quite, most likely not wanting to be recognized. He went to one of our favorite fishing spots then came into Ekstroms when we were eating.

All Seahawks fans are jealous, we did see him, made eye contact but didn't bother him. My friend did get to chat with him a lot more then anyone else as he was getting fly fishing advice. They love coming to Montana because we are respectful so lets keep it that way.

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