For those who don't already know, the historic Wilma Theater will be closing temporarily for renovations starting June 15th. For anyone looking to own a piece of the historic theater, they will be selling the theater chairs starting at 6pm on 6/15.

According to the Wilma Theater's announcement on FB

Come to the back of the Wilma at 6PM next Monday night (June 15) and get a Wilma Theatre chair (we will be replacing the chairs in the Theatre). For $10, you can take two chairs. PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED to the Missoula Symphony Orchestra.

COME TO THE BACK SIDE OF THE THEATRE ADJACENT TO CARAS PARK. We will also be offering beer and wine in the Green Room for those that want to make it an event.

Be aware, the chairs are meant to "gang" together and have been bolted to the floor, so they will need some ingenuity to make them work as a stand alone seat. Also, please know, many of the chairs are in rough shape, so don't expect chairs in great condition. All chairs are AS IS.

See footage of some recent artist, Above and Beyond, discuss how much they appreciate the historic theater.

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