Most companies offer their employees some freebies even if it's just free coffee. These may excite or entice you that there is more out there.

But here’s a rundown of some companies that take perks to a whole new level:

  • Google – They get the best talent in America because they offer the best cool stuff. Employees have access to multiple, full-service gyms and arcades, free shuttles to work, fancy food, rock wall, and bowling alleys, among other things. Too bad you didn’t major in Computer Science.
  • S.C. Johnson – In an effort to help its employees spend as much time as possible with their families, S.C. Johnson offers a concierge service to all employees. Concierge gophers will shop for groceries, run errands, whatever is needed.
  • Burton Snowboards – If it snows two feet in 24 hours, they close their doors and give every employee a snow day.
  • Gawker – After you've worked at Gawker for four years, you're allowed to take a full month of paid leave to do whatever you want. And, this sabbatical doesn’t cut into your normal vacation or sick days.
  • Ben & Jerry's – Three free pints every day. Yum yum yum!

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