It's a great question what would you like to see come to Missoula? Well I am a big fan of both of these new business added to the already wonderful list of local businesses for Missoula.

Kohls is what is going up at the corner of Brooks and Reserve. Expected to open in Spring of 2015. Then we have Missoula VW that now has their facility built and are able to facilitate a specific area for foreign car owners here.

They are having a big ribbon cutting and ceremony tonight with cake and food at 5:30. Along with a fashion show and all kinds of info and goodies to take home with you. They now fill up a big portion of that block on Reserve so Saturday they are having a big block party for the community.

Family friendly event and even a Women's Auto Clinic. This is so cool! A chance for ladies to learn some basics, like changing a tire? How many of you ladies know how to change a tire? They say not many, so in the event you are ever stranded with a flat tire in a remote location in Montana this clinic will be so beneficial. Ice cream and face painting.

There is even a chance to win a new car! I love events that benefit the community with not only the car clinic for women but also child safety seat check at 11 am. Very important to get your child's safety seat checked.

So take advantage of these resources.