Since I am a nano (very, very tiny nano) celebrity, I gladly offered to contribute this story. I'd be the miniature deejay if they ever do another Night at the Museum movie.

Just in time for the busy holiday travel season, visitors to Missoula’s International Airport will have the chance to experience a hands-on science exhibit.

The exhibit titled “Nano: The Science of Small” is featured within a new pop-up museum space hosted by the University of Montana spectrUM Discovery Area. The pop-up museum recently opened its doors on the second floor of the airport and will offer children of all ages the chance to explore the fascinating world of nanoscale science.

The free exhibition includes hands-on, interactive exhibits that invite exploration of nanoscience. It features STEM role model Joanna Kreitinger, a UM doctoral student studying cellular and molecular biology, whose research focuses on how environmental pollutants affect our ability to fight off infections and disease. She regularly uses nanoscience in these efforts.

More than ever, there is so much cool science happening at UM and this pop-up museum gives them an opportunity to share some of the amazing resources off campus and in a fun way.

The exhibit will rotate as time goes on. There will continually be new and exciting hands-on ways for families to explore as they travel through the Missoula airport.