What a fun sight to come home to, your mailbox on the ground. And the post that it used to be attached to was split. Not exactly my favorite sight, but unfortunately it was my reality yesterday.

At first I was mad, I didn't understand why my mailbox was down. It's not like it's in the way or sticking out. Also after speaking to one of my kind neighbors I found out that I was only one of many who all had their mailboxes knocked down. My neighbor let me know that the snow plow this morning was moving faster than normal and left quite a few mailbox casualties as he was doing his job.

While I can appreciate the work that our snow plow driver is doing, it does still aggravate me that there were multiple mailboxes taken down. If I was the only one, I truly could understand more. Mistakes happen. I'm sure our plow driver didn't have the intention of knocking over all of our mailboxes. But after you knocked down the first one or two, I would think that he would try to be more careful. I thought wrong.

The good news is that duct tape fixes everything!

  • EXTRA!

    Look at the beautifully snow covered Lolo, MT!

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