Missoula Police responded to a report of a domestic disturbance at about 11:30 PM on January 6th. Officers responded to the 1600 Block of South 3rd Street West and met with a female who had reported a domestic disturbance at her ex-boyfriend’s residence. Police recognized the female as 25-year old Austyn Aronson, who had been issued a citation for criminal mischief earlier that day after damaging her ex-boyfriend’s vehicle. MPD Public Information Officer Travis Welsh provides the details of this incident.

“The officers met with the female, who appeared to be highly intoxicated, and attempted to take a report. Aronson was somewhat uncooperative and refused to answer questions involving details about her complaint, although reported that her ex-boyfriend had struck her with a metal pole,” Welsh explains. “However, she did not have any injuries other than what she had suffered earlier after damaging her ex-boyfriend vehicle. The officers offered the female medical attention; however, she refused.”

After meeting with Aronson, two officers met with the ex-boyfriend at his residence. Welsh recounts what the officers observed at the residence.

“The ex-boyfriend was unable to call 911 himself, as he did not have an available phone. The male related a somewhat different account of what had occurred than Aronson. The officers made observations inside the residence, collected evidence, and determined that what they had observed was very consistent with the male’s account of what had occurred, and found nothing to corroborate Aronson’s version.”

The male alleged that Aronson had chased him with a knife and a table leg inside the residence.

Aronson was arrested with probable cause for assault with a weapon, criminal mischief, and partner or family member assault. She was first transported to the hospital for the injuries she claimed to have sustained, and after medical clearance, was transported to the Missoula County Jail.