We've all been missing live music over the last few months, and there's no indication that we'll be getting it back anytime soon. And that's been especially hard on independent artists and local musicians, people who rely on the income they'd get from concerts just to survive.

We've figured out some alternatives to live music, like drive-in concerts, but now help is coming from an unlikely source. Mountain Line is teaming up with the Montana Area Music Association to do virtual livestream concerts for the next five weeks, featuring local artists performing inside one of their new electric buses.

It's a series called the Electric Stream Sessions, and you'll be able to view them on the Mountain Line Facebook page. Here are the artists they've got lined up:

Aug. 19th - Elijiah Jalil and Tom Catmull

Aug. 26th - Good Old Fashioned and Emzee & Silas

Sept. 2nd - Britt Arnesen and Caroline Keys & Nate Biehl

Sept. 9th - Don Teschner & Nina Shyne and Jordan Lane & Katie C from Letter B

Sept. 16th - Luke Dowler & Travis Yost

Pretty awesome, right? This is such a cool way to keep live music alive, and provide some love and support for these talented local artists. Will you be checking this out? Each session will take place on a Wednesday at 6 PM, for more info you can check out their website.

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