With a vote of 84%, Monte Bear sent the over-sized Syracuse orange mascot rolling back home with its vine tucked between its legs (orange's have legs?) and will move on to the next round in the March Mascot Madness contest.

Our friends over at Guyspeed had recently pitted our lovable furry friend up against the oddly shaped orange side-liner known as 'Otto the Orange' from Syracuse University. Sorry, but this was just too easy. Again, just look at these two side-by-side. It's clear who deserves the recognition of best mascot in the country. Seriously? An orange (who, if you ask us, looks slightly deformed and malnourished), or a cuddly grizzly bear. No brainer.

But Monte is not out of the woods just yet. Guyspeed will pit the bear up against some stiff competition again with another mascot in this bracket-style competition. Soon, we will post the link to offer up another chance to vote for our favorite (answer: Monte, duh!).

So, when the time comes, let's all chip in and help Monte move up the ranks in this March Mascot Madness contest. Stay tuned.

Go Monte!