The final tally for the 2012-2013 wolf season has been released.

Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks spokesman Ron Aasheim has details, "We had a significant bump in the take of wolves. We had hunters and trappers take 225 wolves, that's up from 166 last year. So hunters took 128, trappers 97 that's the final tally as of the end of the season."

Ron Aasheim:

In the 2011-2012 season, Montana hunters failed to meed a quota of 220 wolves. In the 2012-2013 season, Montana FWP decided not to set any quota at all. Aasheim explains, "we knew from previous experience that we weren't' gonna take enough wolves to get us into any danger as far as impacting the population or the balance we were trying to achieve so we just decided it made more sense to go with no quota and it turned out that made a lot of sense."

Aasheim says decisions about the length of the next wolf hunting and trapping season will be made by the end of July. Aasheim says that he “does not expect that there will be a lot of change.”