We've all been late to something important before.  It's a gut wrenching feeling to be late and then run into a mechanical issue or get stuck in traffic.  But, imagine you were on your way to becoming an American citizen.  Something you probably wouldn't want to miss, considering all the effort you put into becoming a citizen of the greatest country on the planet.

This past Wednesday a brother and sister from Belarus were stranded 40 miles from Great Falls, while on their way to their naturalization ceremony.

According to the Great Falls Tribune

27-year-old Ivan Yarmolich’s story almost didn’t end in a jovial courthouse ceremony.

He and his sister Natalya were on their way in from Missoula when their car broke down.

But a Montana Highway Patrol trooper happened to be conducting a traffic stop nearby, so the two ran toward his car hoping he could help.

The trooper went above and beyond, offering them a ride to Great Falls.

“He was flying down the highway going, like, maybe 90 (mph), so he made a good effort to get us here on time,” Ivan said.

Congrats to Ivan and his sister.  Welcome to Montana, the greatest state in the greatest country on the planet.

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