UPDATE: The Broadwater Sheriff's Department has set up a special fund for slain Deputy Mason Moore. Donations can be sent to Opportunity Bank in Townsend, 416 Broadway in the name : Deputy Mason Moore Memorial Fund.

At around 3:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, Broadwater County Deputy Mason Moore was shot and killed during what seemed at first like a typical traffic stop. Montana Attorney General Tim Fox says Deputy Moore was an experienced member of the force and relays what happened that tragic morning…

"Deputy Moore has actually been a law enforcement officer for over 15 years, he moved to Montana and went to work for Broadwater County about three years ago," Fox said. "He has a wife Jodi and three children. He was out on shift and called in to dispatch to say that he was going to effectuate a traffic stop on a speeder. The dispatchers became concerned when they didn't hear back after they tried to make contact."

That was the last communication Moore had with coworkers. Since his passing, many Montanans have rallied to show support for Mason and his family. The most visible example of this, were the long lines of vehicles and pedestrians that gathered to honor Moore’s body as it was transferred.

"The community is coming together," said Fox. "Deputy Moore was taken to Billings for an autopsy and people came out to the overpasses, law enforcement agencies came out, the fire department, first-responders, ambulance crews... just ordinary citizens who had heard deputy Moore was going to Billings... all along the route, people came out and showed support."

Montanans are continuing to support Moore's wife and children, The Bridge Church in Belgrade has already started a GoFundMe.com fundraiser to cover the cost of the funeral and related expenses.




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