One of the best parts of Halloween is checking out the new costumes at Spirit Halloween store and getting scared out of your mind when you accidentally step in the wrong spot and set off one of those moving, screaming creepy ghouls. Pandemic or no pandemic, Halloween is a GO this year. Although parents are debating on whether to let the kids trick or treat - will those tiny bags of M&Ms be replaced by tiny bottles of hand sanitizer? And everyone is wondering if any ghouls are coming to the door. Definitely buy your favorite candy for the bowl, if no one shows up, it's not going to waste.

Spirit is now open at the same location as year's past, 1212 Longstaff, just north of the now closed Diamond Bar Meats, just off Russell. Their hours are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sundays. Parking can be a challenge on popular days, like weekend afternoons and the week of Halloween, so beware of that. HERE'S A COUPON to help get you started.

Of course they have all the trendy costumes for 2020, including Tiger King, Karen and Snapchat filters. But Metalheads, you can also find some really cool stuff for your home year round. Especially if you need a Ouija board floor mat or a possessed, fanged baby for the porch. You will need a mask to enter the store, the protective kind, not the Halloween kind.

Other local options for Halloween costumes are: Secret Seconds (especially the South store on Brooks, that's our fave,) Goodwill, and Party America on North Reserve. OH! And Michaels and Jo-ann, they've got fun crafts and decorations for sure.

Photo by Angel

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