Look, when Monte Bear is conducting a live orchestra, you're guaranteed to have a good time - and that's just what Missoula Symphony Orchestra plans to deliver with their upcoming "Carnival Of The Animals" in March.

The orchestra is working with the Montana Natural History Center, the University of Montana, the Missoula Children's Theatre, and Montana PBS to put together this annual event on a live-stream for the first time ever. It's also going to be the first full concert featuring the new director of Missoula Symphony Orchestra, Julia Tai.

It'll be a 45-minute event and will be able to be streamed anytime between Friday, March 5th at 7 PM through Sunday, March 7th at 10 PM. It sounds like a blast, a very fun way to tie symphonic music in with the animal community in Missoula and throughout the country. Plus, Monte will be there, which should be a ton of fun. I mean, have you seen that guy's TikTok account?

@montebearCold paws, warms hearts, can’t lose ❤️#gogriz #GrizTok #snowboarding #trick #monte #montana #UM #bear♬ Paparazzi - Kim Dracula


This definitely seems like a great event, especially for families to check out. Tickets are available now at the Missoula Symphony Orchestra's website, and they'll cost you $8 per person.

Think you'll be checking out this year's Carnival of the Animals from Missoula Symphony Orchestra? Have you been watching any of the newly live-streamed events that have popped up in the wake of COVID? Do you think Monte Bear will make for a good symphony conductor?

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