The Missoula County School Districts and the Missoula City-County Health Department were hoping to have all of the area students fully vaccinated by December 1st. According to health department spokeswoman Kaila Warren, the county didn’t quite make its goal.

"We had made great strides over the past few months," Warren said. "We essentially started out with about 2,800 kids in Missoula County who needed to get their immunizations updated and we've riddled that down to almost 150 and it keeps getting lower by the day."

Warren said that certain age groups of students have been harder to vaccinate than others.

"We've noticed that a lot of the younger kids have received their shots. The harder population for us to get was the high schoolers. That was a tough niche," Warren said. "A lot of the kids that couldn't get them right away, most of them had been high schoolers."

Warren said the county health department has been extremely busy after students were turned away from school on Tuesday if they didn’t have complete vaccination records. The most common vaccination students are missing is the newly required chicken pox vaccine.

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