Missoula Police are hoping the public can help them locate Adam Virgil Page who is thought to be connected with a downtown Missoula Pawnshop Robbery.

"He is 37 years old and believed to be homeless, possibly camping in the rattlesnake area," said Missoula Police Pubic Information Officer Travis Welsh. "In that burglary, guns were stolen of all kinds, and it is believed, at this point, that he retains possession of some of those weapons."

Some of the guns that were stolen have been recovered, but authorities are not releasing how many items were stolen other than to say that they believe Page is still in possession of some of the firearms.

"He is a white male, said to have blonde hair and blue eyes," Welsh said. he is estimated to be about 5'11" tall 235 pounds and has tattoos. The only photograph we have is a few years old, so his appearance certainly could have been altered since then."

The photograph above is from 2008, and is what the police are using to track down page. Anyone with information about Page is asked to contact Missoula Police Detective Mitch Lang at (406) 552.3334 or Crimestoppers at (406) 721.4444


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