If you are house hunting or just looking for remodel ideas for your existing home, join the parade!

Parade of Homes entry at 516 W. Kent. Photo courtesy of Denny Bedard

The Missoula Building Industry Association's Parade of Homes is this weekend, September 12-14. The tour features an excellent mix of designs (include the beauty pictured here at 516 West Kent) and price ranges, making the Parade of Homes an inviting event for everyone. Not only Missoula area homes, but two in Alberton are featured as well:

Edgell Building, 1967 Mullan Trail

Gooden Construction, 11824 Ponderosa, 1039 Terrace View, both in Alberton

Bateman Building, 1037 Briar

CBS Construction, 2833 Campsite and 4705 Wornath

Mostad Construction, 11127 Saddleback

Rocky Mountain Remodels, 526 W. Kent

Confluence Construction, 533 S. 4th West

Tickets (including discount) and more information at buildmissoula.com

Here's to a great Parade of Homes, 2014!  DB