My co-worker Jordan and I had the opportunity to take a tour of this year's Missoula Maze. If I'd been in it alone I might still be there. What can I tell you? I'm horrible with directions. Seriously, our host Christina Ellingson turned us loose in an elaborate, creative and cleverly designed maze of hay bales and corn stalks. Before we went in she told us that the average time it takes to figure it out and get through is 20-40 minutes and I think we were somewhere in that time frame. You start with a clue sheet, this year featuring an Egyptian/Pyramid/Sphynx theme. At each check station in the maze, the way you answer the trivia question on your sheet determines whether you choose to go right or left. There are three levels of difficulty on the trivia sheets to chose from, so if you don't know your Cleo from your Patra, don't worry. You can choose the sheet with the real easy questions. Anyway, it was a ton of fun and our thanks to Christina and her kids for being great hosts! For  hours, location, events, pricing and lots more, visit their way-cool site,   If you've been having a hard time getting into the fall/Halloween spirit with these warm, dry, smoke-filled conditions, I think this will help. DB