A local hospital called Missoula Police because there was a male there that had been assaulted with a baseball bat. According to Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh, the male wanted to talk to police so that he could explain what happened.

“The officers made contact with the victim who described that he had been called by a female friend who was in the process of trying to reconcile with a boyfriend,” Welsh said. “There was some kind of a dispute over property and the woman had asked our victim to come pick her up at a hotel parking lot in the 3400 block of Dore Lane.”

Welsh says when the victim arrived and he saw the male and the female. The male got Victim into his own car and started to leave.

“The victim followed him a short distance before the suspect stopped his car, got out, confronted the second male and threatened to assault him,” Welsh said. “The victim pulled out a baseball bat from his car to protect himself, however it appeared the suspect was able to get it away from him and struck him twice in the body and once in the face with the bat, resulting in some pretty significant injuries.”

The victim suffered a broken jaw and had a significant laceration on his face. 34-year-old Eric Friederich was arrested. He was charged with assault with a weapon and strangulation of a partner.

Photo Courtesy of Missoula Jail
Photo Courtesy of Missoula Jail

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