A healthy fascination with the outdoors is about as Montana as it gets.

On Saturday, June 16, our friends at Bob Ward's Sports and Outdoors in Missoula, along with Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, will celebrate that heritage with a block party and outdoor screening of an all-new documentary, simply called Mountain.

The screening and block party is actually part of a 10-day celebration for Bob Ward's 101st anniversary. The outdoor screening of Mountain will begin at sundown, about 9:30 on Saturday the 16th. But the block party will start early and drinks, food and amazing deals on outdoor gear.

The film screening is free and open to the public. Mountain is described as a breathtaking spectacle that explores our captivation with the mountains, featuring awe-inspiring footage of peaks from Tibet to Norway to Alaska, journeying with skiiers, climbers, bikers and others.

If you'd like to know more you can check it out here on Bob Ward's Facebook page. The Missoula Bob Ward's location is at 3015 Paxson Street. Special thanks to our buddy Ryan Corwin, Bob Ward's Advertising Manager, for cluing us in!

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