I know it's like a million degrees in Missoula this week, so fall is the last thing on our mind while we're experiencing this intense summer weather. But the thing is, fall IS approaching quickly, and the landscape for Missoula's schools is still pretty unclear at the moment. Will they still be online? Will the kids be back in the building? Could it be a mix of both?

Of course, for some parents, the beginning of the school year also means one other thing - time to get those shots! Missoula County Public Schools requires kindergarten students to get certain vaccines before they enter, and they do the same for 7th graders. So, if school does get back in session, it's probably a good idea to get those vaccines as soon as possible.

So, if you're one of those parents, you may need this info: Missoula's walk-in immunization clinic is shifting its model, and starting on August 3rd, it will require an appointment if you want to get your vaccines. Which makes sense! They don't want a rush of people all coming in at once ahead of the school year, especially during a pandemic, so things had to adjust a little bit.

Do you need to stop by the immunization clinic? It's located at the Missoula City-County Health Department on W Alder Street.

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