Rich Oschner of Axmen South of Missoula listened carefully to President Obama's message on Wednesday and said the executive orders issued are a 'shot across the bow'.

Oschner says his store has never been busier, and it is getting more difficult to get all kinds of firearms and ammunition, simply because nationwide demand is so high.

Oschner says he doubts that the President will be able to enact all the orders he issued, although the message was clear out of Washington, D.C. that there will be a full-court press to keep Americans from purchasing and owning 'assault-style' weapons and ammunition clips containing more than ten bullets.

He added that the second amendment to the U. S. Constitution had nothing to do with hunting, but rather that citizens should be able to arm themselves against enemies both foreign and domestic.

Axmen South Firearms Specialist Rich Oschner

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