The Missoula County Treasurer’s Office will conduct a mobile home sale on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. at the Missoula County Administration Building, in room B14, located at 199 West Pine Street.

There are just over 100 delinquent mobile homes that will be offered for sale if the taxes are not paid. The owners of the mobile homes have until 9:00 a.m. on September 12th to pay the delinquent taxes, penalty, interest and costs to remove them from the sale.


M.C.A. 15-16-401. Tax due as a judgment or lien. Unless suspended or canceled under the provisions of Title 15, chapter 24, part 17, every tax has the effect of a judgment against the person, and every lien created by this title has the force and effect of an execution duly levied against all personal property in the possession of the person assessed from and after the date the assessment is made. The county treasurer may issue a writ of execution for delinquent personal property taxes, unless suspended or canceled under the provisions of Title 15, chapter 24, part 17, and deliver the writ to the sheriff of any county in the state in which the property or some part of the property is located. Writs of execution may be issued at the same time to different counties. The sheriff shall proceed upon the writ in all respects, with like effect, and in the same manner prescribed by law in respect to executions issued against property upon judgments of a court of record. The sheriff is entitled to the fees, mileage, and costs as provided in 7-32-2141 and 7-32-2143, which must be assessed against the delinquent taxpayer. The judgment is not satisfied nor the lien removed until the taxes are paid or the property sold for the payment of the taxes.

Delinquent Tax Officer for Missoula County Annie Cathey