I know a lot of us gathered around the TV this past weekend. We wanted to watch and see just what kind of trouble people around town were getting in to. Well, it appears that this is NOT the only time Missoula County will be one of the 8 featured sheriffs departments on LIVE:PD.

Missoula County Sheriff, T.J. McDermott signed a contract with A&E agreeing to be part of the entire season of LIVE:PD. Meaning every Friday and Saturday night, for the next 8-12 weeks, you will be glued to your TV.

In my opinion, this past weekend was kind of a let down. We saw one guy with a headlight out, one without his headlights on, a man simply hunting with his dog and a post griz game argument between a husband and wife. Missoula was definitely the "lighter side" in regards to the other towns featured. But, just imagine the kind of "riff raff" we are going to witness over the next 8-12 weeks. We are talking homecoming shennanigans, halloween parties, hunting season. I foresee the kind of crimes we will witness to get a little more interesting as the season continues.

According to the contract, the partnership can be extended through July 2021 with a mutual agreement.  Download the contract from BIG FISH ENTERTAINMENT, and see for yourself.

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