Opening day for Major League Baseball finally arrived. With the pandemic continuing, the MLB had to change things up to accommodate a partial season of America's favorite pastime. Lots of games were played yesterday, with no fans in attendance. It had to be pretty weird for veteran players to walk out on to the field with no crowd ambiance.

However, there was still some audience participation. According to ESPN "launching a feature that will allow fans to interact with their team's games on its website, Gameday app and through social media links. Scoreboard operators at ballparks will receive a live interface reflecting fan reaction, allowing the operator to adjust the type of artificial fan noise pumped to empty stadiums."

Now, imagine walking out on that field to play for your first time, with no crowd. I got to admit, even though it might take some of the magic away, it is probably easier on the nerves. A Missoula ball player was recently added to the roster of players for the Chicago White Sox. According to "Missoula native Codi Heuer, 24, was officially listed on Chicago's 30-man Opening Day roster on Thursday as games began. The White Sox open their season on Friday against the Minnesota Twins. This is Heuer's first time being named to a roster in the MLB. Heuer, who played college baseball at Wichita State, spent 2018 playing for the Great Falls Voyagers in the Pioneer League before playing for two teams in 2019."

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