Just before 12:30 p.m. on Friday, someone called Missoula Police and reported a vehicle accident in 6600 block of Linda Vista Boulevard. When officers arrived, they found a couple who said their vehicle had gotten away from them. According to Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh, the vehicle rolled down the street and three children were still inside.

“Another officer spoke to the witness who called 911,” Welsh said. “The witness said she saw the couple’s vehicle rolling down the street with no driver and three small kids in the backseat. She watched the vehicle as it struck her parked car that was unoccupied on the street. The vehicle left the roadway, rolled across a grassy area and then impacted a tree, all while the children remained in the backseat.”

The witness said she helped the couple remove the children from the vehicle and they all appeared to be ok. Welsh says the investigation continued.

“It was revealed that the couple had been in the car and they were driving down the street,” Welsh said. “At one point, they engaged in an argument and the wife felt that she was about to be assaulted. She actually jumped out of the moving vehicle to get away from her husband. She said her husband reached out and grabbed her as she attempted to leave the vehicle, but she did manage to get away.”

The male driver was identified as 25-year-old George Kickingwoman. The officers determined that he left the vehicle to pursue his wife.

“However, there are indications and evidence that the vehicle was not put into park as the male left it,” Welsh said. “Mr. Kickingwoman was subsequently arrested for DUI, criminal child endangerment, criminal endangerment, partner assault, obstructing a peace officer, and not having a valid driver’s license in his possession.”

Two of the children in the vehicle were four-years-old and the other was just 18 months old.